Resources for Auditories 1

Ancient Egyptian themed projects are often of necessity either very visual or craft based.  Students who have a primarily auditory way of processing information can easily be left out.

I have found a few nice auditory resources over the years, and this Lord’s Prayer in ancient languages sounds suitably atmospheric.  You can ask participants to close their eyes and listen to hear if there are any sounds we don’t have in our language and then try to reproduce them afterwards.  Coptic is probably the last remnant we have of Ancient/Middle Egyptian since the language survived in Egypt, but using the Greek alphabet instead of hieroglyphs. Being fluent in Coptic was amongst the things that helped Jean-François Champollion to decipher hieroglyphic writing.  However, since the Ancient Egyptian language evolved over at least 3,500 years and had different accents up and down the Nile, there is no guarantee modern Coptic sounds anything like Ancient Egyptian at any given period!  But until time travel is invented, it is our best approximation.


Scroll to 1.43 minutes to get to Coptic.

There is a little bit more about Champollion here.

and a very readable book about him here.